Saturday, December 13, 2008

December 13, 2008

Saturday Night Live
December 13, 2008
Host: Hugh Laurie
Musical Guest: Kanye West

Dave's wife Raina here, guest-blogging again while Dave is away on family business. Sorry we missed updating last week; we were actually out on a Saturday night. I know, weird. But we caught a lot of the sketches online.

Cold Open.
I missed it.

Christmas songs medley! Should've been longer.

Bronx Beat.
So, are Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolf officially on the show again? Or is that the joke? I always enjoy this sketch--New Yorker ladies never fail to crack me up. They do no have ladies like this where I am from. Hugh Laurie is a funny foil to their characters.

Christmas Dinner.
This sketch didn't really have a point, but I feel like I've been to a few too many dinners like this one. "It was your tone."

Culhane Wedding Speeches.
Wow, Fred Armisen pulls off the 90s burnout look pretty well. I shouldn't be laughing at Kristen Wiig's character, but I AM. Will Forte looks like Owen Wilson in that wig and glasses. And, come on, give those new girls something to do or say that's longer than a single line or an annoyed look.

Kanye, Act 1.
Everything he does I am judging against Stephen Colbert, of course. He looks like Lionel Richie meets Michael Jackson in this outfit--I'm guessing this is intentional? His singing during the verses is kinda flat but the song is okay, and the snowstorm setpiece is neat.

Weekend Update.
Oh lord Fred Armisen looks WAY too much like Governor Patterson. Ha ha ha! Aw, Amy Poehler! Tearing up while saying good-bye…and Armisen keeps walking into frame. Hehe.

Lamp Store Musical.
Ridiculous enough from the outset that I like this sketch just fine. Less funny past the 'dark' twist, but I'm still impressed they made those costumes.

Christmas Letter from a Dead Cat.
Cat Ladies are crazy? Hugh Laurie looks like he doesn't actually know how to type.

Layoffs Meeting.
Oh look, it's Kenan Thompson. He should be on this show more.

Kanye, Act 2.
Setpiece projection: iPod Ad, Plus.