Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Night Live October 17th, 2009

Saturday Night Live
October 17th, 2009
Host: Gerard Butler
Musical Guest: Shakira

Cold Open.
The return of The Rock Obama was surprisingly enjoyable. I think I smiled through the whole thing.

There was something very early 90s about this bit. I mostly liked when Kristen Wiig screamed "take your shirt off!"

Urban Champagne.
I'm not sure I buy Kenan Thompson as "gangsta," but this was still funny.

SNL Flashback/promotional gimmick.
Felt like a random DVD extra. The Jason Sudeikis intro made it sound like there wouldn't be any other commercials thanks to Bud Light, but it was followed by a car commercial.

Game Time with Randy and Greg.
I spent most of the sketch wondering if Greg the alien was a character created while Bill Hader was drunk at a party.

SNL Backstage/promotional gimmick.
Tim Meadows in "Perspectives" still cracks me up.

First time I've ever seen Comedy Central advertise on NBC.

Beauty and the Beast
Follow up to the Aladdin sketch? For the most part this was a really strong sketch. But for some reason by the time Bobby Moynihan showed up as the clock it ran out of steam.

SNL Backstage/promotional gimmick.
I was surprised I didn't remember the Harvey Keitel episode.

Musical Guest: Shakira.
Her performance came across as surprising shy and awkward. The stretching came across like she was trying it out for the first time. The howling was also borderline cheesy.

SNL Backstage/promotional gimmick.
Blooper reel.

Weekend Update.
Return of two guys from NJ. Bill Hader and Fred Armisen make a cute couple.
The balloon from Colorado sounded like a character from Pee-wee's Playhouse.
Kristen Wiig as Tamara Parks was funny, but I hope they don't make her a reoccurring character more than once more.

SNL Backstage/promotional gimmick.
More assorted blooper reels.

300 Parody.
Gets credit for being timely. Had some funny bits to it.

What Up With That?
The most amazing sketch so far this year. Kenan seemed to be channeling Eddie Murphy's classic "James Brown's Hot Tub" but made it totally his own. Everything about it made me laugh out loud. I couldn't take my eyes off Jason Sudeikis dancing in the background. And the randomness of the James Franco cameo added to the greatness.
Best line of the night: "ET likes Reese's Pieces."

SNL Backstage/promotional gimmick.
That robot eats old people's medicine for food.

Kristen Wiig certainly has her share of brilliant performances, but this wasn't one of them. Not exactly as painful as her Gilly character, but still pretty bad.

Musical Performance: Shakira.
I liked this song better. Good use of the taiko drums for a hip hop beat. Not sure the Beyonce hairstyle works on Shakira.

Started off a bit lame, but actually got better!
"Whew! It's just a goat. I thought it was a dragon!"

Closing thought.
A fairly consistent episode. I've never seen a Gerard Butler movie, but I was impressed by his effort. He certainly threw himself into as many different characters and sketches as possible.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Night Live October 10th, 2009

Saturday Night Live
October 10th, 2009
Host: Drew Barrymore
Musical Guest: Regina Spektor

Cold Open.
Pretty weak intro about President Obama winning the Nobel Prize. The joke about him also winning the lottery already seems old only a day after the events in question.

Clips of people doing Drew Barrymore impressions making fun of the way she talks. I guess she deserves the credit of being a good sport.

No commercial parody here.

From the moment I heard the tone of Will Forte's voice I started cringing…not another Gilly sketch. I instantly guessed that Drew Barrymore was gonna play a variation on Gilly; and sadly I was correct. Although, I thought she would be an arch-rival instead of it being a team up. Either way, it was twice as annoying (although Drew's Gilly isn't as freakish as Kristen Wiigs!) If I wasn't writing this blog I would have changed the channel just so I wouldn't have nightmares.

What's with all the old SNL cast members in the T-Mobile commercial?

Celebrity Ghost Stories.
As if to pay off the gag of the opening monologue, Drew Barrymore's Sharon Osborne impersonation highlights her inability to do an English accent. The mannerisms were good though.
What is with the hosts' significant others making cameos? Didn't she broke up with Justin Long? I guess I don't keep up. Kenan as Ray Parker Jr. admitting that he is, in fact, afraid of ghosts was the best part. I'm surprised I haven't seen that joke before.

Commercial Parody: University of Westfield Online.
I thought this was a decent idea, even though it didn't make me laugh.

La Rivista Della Televisione.
These sketches are usually okay, but I thought this installment was unfunny and ended awkwardly.
My wife's revelation: The only time Bobby Moynihan plays something other than the straight man in a sketch, it's to play a child.

Musical Guest: Regina Spektor.
I'm glad that Drew Barrymore told us that she was "talented" when she introduced her.
The song sounded like Fiona Apple covering Vanessa Carlton.

Weekend Update.
Bill Hader as James Carville was perfect. They should make a whole show around him.
I like that Andy Samberg keeps finding new cartoon characters to impersonate. His Scrooge McDuck was creepy but effective.

Women's Billiards.
Will Forte was actually pretty decent in this. But I mostly just liked the way Jason Sudeikis says "Tampax".

Best line of the night: Speaking of pulling some strings…Tampax!

Cooking Al Fresco.
The only good part was the puppet crow dipping bread in the marinara sauce. Drew Barrymore forget to mess up her hair during the cut scenes and ended up doing so on camera, making the sketch more pathetic than funny.

Larry King Live.
It took me a moment to figure out if it was Drew Barrymore or Abby Elliot!
The word "wieners" isn't as funny as it should be. But I guess the sketch was okay.

Digital Short.
They got a lot of use out of those crow puppets.

Book Reading.
Ugh. Not as painful as the Gilly sketch, but still pretty bad.

Closing thoughts…
I kind of felt bad for Drew Barrymore. This was the least funny episode of the season so far. Hope things pick up next week.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Night Live October 3rd, 2009

Saturday Night Live
October 3rd, 2009
Host: Ryan Reynolds
Musical Guest: Lady Gaga

Cold Open.
Like many presidential openings of the past: sad but true.

Sad, but not funny. Although I liked the lantern jab.

Commercial Parody: Mostly Garbage Dog Food.
Great delivery from Jason Sudeikis made the moderately funny idea more enjoyable.

Celebrity Family Feud.
As soon as they introduced the Phillips family I thought this sketch was going to be pretty awkward. But it showed restraint and was surprisingly short.

Digital Short: Threw It On the Floor.
Will probably rank pretty low on the spectrum of songs by The Lonely Island…but they can't all be "On a Boat." I still enjoyed it for being silly.

Mike's Fountainry.
I love that they made a sequel to the "You gotta get a chandelier" sketch from last year, possibly just because Scarlett Johannsen is married to Ryan Reynolds? If so it's all worth it. I wanna get a porcelain fountain.

Deep Dish.
Kristen Wiig's had the best song and interview segment. Did they have to show a Facebook screencap to explain Ryan Reynold's "status update" song? The Madonna & Lady Gaga catfight seemed more awkward than funny. Probably should have practiced more. But everyone piling on Kenan was a cute ending.

Musical Guest: Lady Gaga.
As a fan of dance music and freestyle, I like most of the Lady Gaga songs I've heard so far. She seemed dizzy and off balance, but there's something charming about how hard she tries to be weird in that 80s kind of way, that is a far contrast from most current pop acts.

Weekend Update.
I sometimes forget that Daryl Hammond is still on SNL!
A bit surprised they told an A-Rod joke with Madonna in the house.

2nd best line of the night:

"Oh my God, 'Ghostbusters 2' was right!"
-Charles Barkley (played by Kenan Thompson)

You Committed a Crime & You Think You Can Dance?
Nice to see a sketch that has various funny aspects and performances by most of the cast.

Best line of the night:

"Remember when I made an album?"
-Kevin Federline (played by Andy Samberg)

International Masterworks.
I thought this was all around weak. The worst sketch of the season so far.

Musical Guest: Lady Gaga.
I like the piano bits, but would have liked to see it framed by the dance beats.

Closing thoughts…
Ryan Reynolds didn't really win me over because he didn't seem to have any memorable performances.
I liked that Andy Samberg wore the same bubble outfit as Lady Gaga.

Best Clip:

Saturday Night Live September 26th 2009

Here are some quick notes on LAST WEEK'S episode, which I watched in a hotel room (and missed the beginning of).

Saturday Night Live
September 26th, 2009
Host: Megan Fox
Musical Guest: U2

I thought this was an okay episode. Lots of focus on random humor, which is okay by me. But nothing really worth getting too excited about. It's always telling when the host plays themselves in every sketch. "Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox," "Megan's Roommate," etc.

Flight Announcement.
Some funny moments, but dragged on a bit too long. Reminded me of a lot so-so sketches from mid 90s SNL.

Digital Short: The Date.
Definitely the most random bit of the episode. Will Forte at his most cringe-worthy--but mostly to good effect here.

Grady Wilson's Burning Bedsheets.
Having watched Kenan Thompson grow up on Nickelodeon, I'm not sure I really wanted to ever think about the different ways he has sex. But this was still a pretty funny sketch that was just ridiculous enough.

Digital Short: Megan's Roomate.
The blurred out, slow naked transforming was what made the bit work for me.

Weekend Update.
I'm surprised I'm still fond of Jean K. Jean. Kenan seems to find ways of keeping it from seeming too redundant.
Judy Grimes is borderline. I'm mostly just impressed by how fast Kristen Wiig can read the teleprompter.

Russian Brides.
Moderately funny, but also went on a bit too long.