Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Night Live October 10th, 2009

Saturday Night Live
October 10th, 2009
Host: Drew Barrymore
Musical Guest: Regina Spektor

Cold Open.
Pretty weak intro about President Obama winning the Nobel Prize. The joke about him also winning the lottery already seems old only a day after the events in question.

Clips of people doing Drew Barrymore impressions making fun of the way she talks. I guess she deserves the credit of being a good sport.

No commercial parody here.

From the moment I heard the tone of Will Forte's voice I started cringing…not another Gilly sketch. I instantly guessed that Drew Barrymore was gonna play a variation on Gilly; and sadly I was correct. Although, I thought she would be an arch-rival instead of it being a team up. Either way, it was twice as annoying (although Drew's Gilly isn't as freakish as Kristen Wiigs!) If I wasn't writing this blog I would have changed the channel just so I wouldn't have nightmares.

What's with all the old SNL cast members in the T-Mobile commercial?

Celebrity Ghost Stories.
As if to pay off the gag of the opening monologue, Drew Barrymore's Sharon Osborne impersonation highlights her inability to do an English accent. The mannerisms were good though.
What is with the hosts' significant others making cameos? Didn't she broke up with Justin Long? I guess I don't keep up. Kenan as Ray Parker Jr. admitting that he is, in fact, afraid of ghosts was the best part. I'm surprised I haven't seen that joke before.

Commercial Parody: University of Westfield Online.
I thought this was a decent idea, even though it didn't make me laugh.

La Rivista Della Televisione.
These sketches are usually okay, but I thought this installment was unfunny and ended awkwardly.
My wife's revelation: The only time Bobby Moynihan plays something other than the straight man in a sketch, it's to play a child.

Musical Guest: Regina Spektor.
I'm glad that Drew Barrymore told us that she was "talented" when she introduced her.
The song sounded like Fiona Apple covering Vanessa Carlton.

Weekend Update.
Bill Hader as James Carville was perfect. They should make a whole show around him.
I like that Andy Samberg keeps finding new cartoon characters to impersonate. His Scrooge McDuck was creepy but effective.

Women's Billiards.
Will Forte was actually pretty decent in this. But I mostly just liked the way Jason Sudeikis says "Tampax".

Best line of the night: Speaking of pulling some strings…Tampax!

Cooking Al Fresco.
The only good part was the puppet crow dipping bread in the marinara sauce. Drew Barrymore forget to mess up her hair during the cut scenes and ended up doing so on camera, making the sketch more pathetic than funny.

Larry King Live.
It took me a moment to figure out if it was Drew Barrymore or Abby Elliot!
The word "wieners" isn't as funny as it should be. But I guess the sketch was okay.

Digital Short.
They got a lot of use out of those crow puppets.

Book Reading.
Ugh. Not as painful as the Gilly sketch, but still pretty bad.

Closing thoughts…
I kind of felt bad for Drew Barrymore. This was the least funny episode of the season so far. Hope things pick up next week.

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Demarcus said...

I thought the University of Westfield Online sketch was terrible and inaccurate. There are tens of thousands of Americans who are earning their degrees online, and this is nothing to be ashamed about. Indeed, I found it ironic that many of the traditional schools mentioned in this parody sketch have online education or distance learning components. I earned my Masters degree online and I am currently working on my PhD online and I am very proud of my education and would put it up against anyone's traditional degree any day and any time of the week!