Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Night Live October 3rd, 2009

Saturday Night Live
October 3rd, 2009
Host: Ryan Reynolds
Musical Guest: Lady Gaga

Cold Open.
Like many presidential openings of the past: sad but true.

Sad, but not funny. Although I liked the lantern jab.

Commercial Parody: Mostly Garbage Dog Food.
Great delivery from Jason Sudeikis made the moderately funny idea more enjoyable.

Celebrity Family Feud.
As soon as they introduced the Phillips family I thought this sketch was going to be pretty awkward. But it showed restraint and was surprisingly short.

Digital Short: Threw It On the Floor.
Will probably rank pretty low on the spectrum of songs by The Lonely Island…but they can't all be "On a Boat." I still enjoyed it for being silly.

Mike's Fountainry.
I love that they made a sequel to the "You gotta get a chandelier" sketch from last year, possibly just because Scarlett Johannsen is married to Ryan Reynolds? If so it's all worth it. I wanna get a porcelain fountain.

Deep Dish.
Kristen Wiig's had the best song and interview segment. Did they have to show a Facebook screencap to explain Ryan Reynold's "status update" song? The Madonna & Lady Gaga catfight seemed more awkward than funny. Probably should have practiced more. But everyone piling on Kenan was a cute ending.

Musical Guest: Lady Gaga.
As a fan of dance music and freestyle, I like most of the Lady Gaga songs I've heard so far. She seemed dizzy and off balance, but there's something charming about how hard she tries to be weird in that 80s kind of way, that is a far contrast from most current pop acts.

Weekend Update.
I sometimes forget that Daryl Hammond is still on SNL!
A bit surprised they told an A-Rod joke with Madonna in the house.

2nd best line of the night:

"Oh my God, 'Ghostbusters 2' was right!"
-Charles Barkley (played by Kenan Thompson)

You Committed a Crime & You Think You Can Dance?
Nice to see a sketch that has various funny aspects and performances by most of the cast.

Best line of the night:

"Remember when I made an album?"
-Kevin Federline (played by Andy Samberg)

International Masterworks.
I thought this was all around weak. The worst sketch of the season so far.

Musical Guest: Lady Gaga.
I like the piano bits, but would have liked to see it framed by the dance beats.

Closing thoughts…
Ryan Reynolds didn't really win me over because he didn't seem to have any memorable performances.
I liked that Andy Samberg wore the same bubble outfit as Lady Gaga.

Best Clip:

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Karen said...

MUCH better than last week! I gotta get a porcelain fountain as well.