Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Night Live September 26th 2009

Here are some quick notes on LAST WEEK'S episode, which I watched in a hotel room (and missed the beginning of).

Saturday Night Live
September 26th, 2009
Host: Megan Fox
Musical Guest: U2

I thought this was an okay episode. Lots of focus on random humor, which is okay by me. But nothing really worth getting too excited about. It's always telling when the host plays themselves in every sketch. "Your Mom Talks to Megan Fox," "Megan's Roommate," etc.

Flight Announcement.
Some funny moments, but dragged on a bit too long. Reminded me of a lot so-so sketches from mid 90s SNL.

Digital Short: The Date.
Definitely the most random bit of the episode. Will Forte at his most cringe-worthy--but mostly to good effect here.

Grady Wilson's Burning Bedsheets.
Having watched Kenan Thompson grow up on Nickelodeon, I'm not sure I really wanted to ever think about the different ways he has sex. But this was still a pretty funny sketch that was just ridiculous enough.

Digital Short: Megan's Roomate.
The blurred out, slow naked transforming was what made the bit work for me.

Weekend Update.
I'm surprised I'm still fond of Jean K. Jean. Kenan seems to find ways of keeping it from seeming too redundant.
Judy Grimes is borderline. I'm mostly just impressed by how fast Kristen Wiig can read the teleprompter.

Russian Brides.
Moderately funny, but also went on a bit too long.


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Karen said...

Let me tell you ... you didn't miss anything by missing the beginning!

My favorite (hard to come by!)this episode was "Live Lounge".