Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Night Live, September 24th 2011

Saturday Night Live, September 24th 2011
Host: Alec Baldwin. Musical Guest: Radiohead.

Sorta happy Kristen Wiig isn’t as funny as Michele Bachmann, as Tina Fey was with Sara Palin. Because I’d rather never see anyone ever mention Michele Bachmann ever again.

Glad that Nasim Pedrad is finally an official cast member.

Red Flag:
Always glad to see a new commercial parody after the monologue!

All My Children Finale.
For a one-joke idea, this worked better than expected thanks to the power of funny faces.

News Delay:
Loved the snake poking Kristen Wiig in the chest and silly visual ending.

In general, I’m a fan, even if I’m not in love with the recent “King of Limbs” album.

Weekend Update.
Rather enjoyed Alec Baldwin’s Tony Bennett, even if it did start veering toward Will Ferrell’s Harry Cary impression.

The 2nd song Radiohead performed worked better live than it does on the album. It’s cooler too see 2 human drummers recreate the sound of electronic rhythms.

Not sure why they need to have the TCM bumper. Couldn’t they just have an army sketch?