Monday, September 7, 2009

NEWS & COMMENTARY: Hello and Goodbye

TV Guide's website has a story about SNL's newest cast members Jenny Slate and Nasim Pedrad...

I've never seen either of these two performers before, so I'm hoping they bring something new and different to the show!
I'm always happy to give the featured players a chance, and enjoy seeing if they can work their way to the front.

But I also enjoyed reading all the comments below the article complaining about not hiring an African American actress. Not that they should hire someone just because they are black and can impersonate Michele Obama...but I imagine there must be some funny black women that would kill for that kind of break. has a story about which cast members were fired: Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson.

I'm not particularly disappointed by either of these loses. Casey Wilson always seemed to have potential, but only her Katy Perry parody "I Held a Cat" stood out to me as genuinely funny. The rest of the time she was playing a random "cougar" and "friend to the main character".

I never had too much nice to say about Michaela Watkins, beyond her decent impression of Barbara Walters. Her blogger character really annoyed me, and I can't remember much else she did. Sorry!