Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Night Live, February 14th, 2009

Saturday Night Live
February 14, 2009
Host: Alec Baldwin.
Musical Guest: Jonas Brothers

Cold Open.
Not hilarious, but an insightful commentary on the current mindset of the Republican party. Featuring another random cameo from Dan Akroyd (did he do one last year?).

Yay for Jack McBrayer! I've liked his goofy southern schtick ever since seeing him at the UCB theater (performing as a fill-in guest with Respecto Montalban), so I think it's great that he finally gets to be on SNL and is getting so much TV love!

Oldest Jonas Brother.
I guess this one was for the fans. And ONLY the fans. Not up to par with the Bon Jovi sketch from last year (where the revealed the origin of their band name).

I love the commercial for The Lonely Island featuring ****in My Pants and ****in a Box!

Cougar Den.
It's a bad sign it's 20 minutes in and the first real laugh of the episode is just a Kenan reaction shot. Why does Cameron Diaz keep coming back? Does she think this is a popular character or re-occurring sketch? She's not bad in it, but I just find it weird.

Digital Short.
Putting the VHS tape in the DVD player was totally brilliant. The rest of the sketch, not so much (nothing against the wizard). It would have been funnier if Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island guys tried to convince the super-pure Jonas Brothers to try and record a song like Dick in a Box.

Sir Mix-A-Lot's Photoshop
Funny in a guilty-pleasure kind of way. So silly it's hard to keep from smiling. I tried my best to resist it, but Kenan always manages to pull these things off.

Jonas Brothers.
Pretty harmless pop, but the brother who plays guitar and was singing back up sounded like he was really straining to hit those high notes. Cringe!

Weekend Update.
With all the financial crisis news, I find myself thinking about this Oscar Rogers "Fix It" character at weird times. I guess that means it’s growing on me. I like the way he says ValenTIME.
--I guess for people who liked Abby Elliot's Angelina Jolie impersonation, they brought it back for absolutely no reason.
--Blogger character was just painful to watch. I couldn't tell if she was supposed to be a dumb college kid or a weird old lady with a disease.

Vincent Price Valentine's Day Special.
I find it funny that they use a Harry Potter knock-off font for the title sequence. I know a lot of people are fond of this re-occurring sketch and I wish I was, too! It's funny in concept and everyone seems like they are having fun, but it never seems to come together for me.

Business Meeting.
The first time Will Forte's character asked his secretary to "hold his calls," I wondered, why?? They're in the middle of a meeting? And then he kept doing it, getting more annoying each time. My feelings about Will Forte can run hot and cold, but this sketch broke the camel's back…and I now will go on record as hoping this is his last season on the show. Sorry!

Wii Sketch.
I feel embarrassed that I saw where this sketch was going as soon as it started. I guess someone had to make the connection between wiimotes and masturbation, and the result was funny enough mostly because of the climax.

Virginia Horsen's Hot Air Balloon
Was this a repeat of the original hot air balloon commercial? It's funny enough that I didn't care.

First Coughs.
Um. Sure. Why not?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

On a boat...reading comics

Sorry, no reviews this week. I missed the episode because of the New York Comic Con!

But I enjoyed the new music video from The Lonely Island. After Jorma Taccone's star turn in "Jizz in my Pants" it's great to see Akiva Schaffer also got to sing a song on SNL and just get some screen time in general. I guess I should check out the new album.

I also liked it on a personal level because I write a comic series called Teen Boat!