Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Night Live: September 27th, 2008

SNL Season 34, Episode 3
Host: Anna Farris
Musical Guest: Duffy

More Tina Fey = more YAY! And she is more "adorable!" Still, I hope people don't elect McCain president because they like seeing Sarah Palin sketches. Tina has her own show to work on!

I don't know if I've seen Anna Farris before except in commercials for the House Bunny.
She reminds me of Britney Spears crossed with Courtney Love.

Driving Home.
Best ending to a pointless sketch ever! I also liked the line about suicide puns.

It took me about a minute before I remembered Chris Parnel is no longer on SNL!I like that he KEEPS coming back though!
I was glad they did a bit about last night's debate because it shows that SNL can still write a sketch in less than 14 hours. If you watched the event it was a pretty good parody of it, and I liked the running gag about McCain trying to come up with alternatives to debating. And it was good they threw in some jabs at Obama to avoid seeming too biased. Fred Armisen’s impersonation is getting a lot better.

Lake Singing.
Gossip Girl, she's always gossiping! This was a super cute sketch and that would have been FUNNY ENOUGH but the singing took it over the edge to ACTUALLY FUNNY! Great lyrics and perfect delivery. I could actually watch this one again! It kind of reminded me of the Tracy Morgan homeless guy sketch with Britney Spears. Hope that doesn’t make me racist!

Musical Guest: Seemed like Amy Winehouse without the catchy hooks. When I squinted my eyes I thought I was watching Charo. I don't enjoy being snarky about musicians I've never heard of, but I wasn't impressed.

Weekend Update.
A pretty great Weekend Update overall. Darrel Hammond as Bill Clinton is always enjoyable and this week, extremely relevant. It built off Chris Rock's material in two completely different ways. I can already see this clip showing up on a lot of political pundit shows. I love Kristen Wiig, but I think her Judy Grimes character freaks me out.

Moderately funny sketch, but I found all the obvious reading of teleprompters distracting.

Deep House Dish.
This is one my favorite Kenan Thompson re-occurring sketches. I just wish the performer's songs were longer. “GRRL PLEASE” is my new favorite song ever. Goodness throughout.

Slightly stained wedding dresses.
PVC pipe is comedy gold. And in SNL tradition, they found another way to sort of curse and not get censored. By this sketch I felt like I was okay with Anna Farris and will look forward to seeing more from her.

Beer Garden
Astoria Represent!
I thought this was a great sketch that most everyone can relate to it on some level with a great visual gag as its climax. A genuine laugh-out-loud moment to end a completely solid episode.

Closing thought: With this episode it feels like the SNL cast and writers are finally hitting their groove. But no commercial parodies or Digital Short? Are they still doing TV funhouse?


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