Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Night Live, November 15, 2008

Saturday Night Live.
November 15, 2008
Host: Paul Rudd
Musical Guest: Beyonce

Cold Open.
It probably would have been funnier if they got the real Joe Biden to come out and say almost the exact same stuff. As it was: it felt more true than funny.

Opening Credits.
Included two new 'featuring' players who were barely used this episode. I didn't get a chance to write their names down and they don't seem to have bios on the SNL site just yet.

Commercial Parody: Sproingo.
I liked it! A perfect compliment to the Boner Juice commercial from a few years back.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone in Baseketball was the first time I remember two guys making out on camera for the sake of comedy. It's been quite a few years since then, but I still appreciate comedians who aren't afraid to lock lips for laughs. Paul Rudd always seems game for anything and made for a great SNL host overall.

Scared Straight Sketch TAKE 2.
I don't remember if all of Kenan's examples were movie references last time he did this character. I think I laughed at least once last time, this version not so much. Nothing against Teen Wolf or Bill and Ted references!

Digital Short: Paul Rudd and Andy Samberg painting each other.
A good example of taking a silly premise and pushing it as far as possible. The ending could have been a cop-out but they went the extra mile and threw in as many gags as possible. Great job!

Slow-Moving Country Song.
Singing about a package delivery to an apartment is funnier in concept than execution, but I found the bit mildly amusing. I'm easily sold on musical sketches and the cutting over to reaction shots from Will Forte was nice touch.

Road Trip version of the re-occurring sketch where dudes sit around and tell messed up stories and then sing the chorus to songs.
This sketch always feels like a weak version of one of the oldest Kids in The Hall sketches. The addition of the moving landscape over the usual bar setting was an improvement…but not by much.

Musical Guest.
Beyonce gets angry. I wasn't into her new song, but I think Beyonce is a better singer and performer than any other female singer who has been on SNL this season.

Weekend Update.
Isn't it time to take Amy Poehler out of the credit sequence? Is it a contractual obligation to keep it for the rest of the season?
I was thinking "does anyone even remember Snagglepuss?" and then my wife asked, "was that a real character?" I guess she didn't grow up on Hanna Barbera cartoons like me. I give them points for superimposing a miniature Great Gazoo. My favorite quote: "Barbara Walters is easily fascinated." Why Justin Timberlake? Thanks for randomly coming out to make fun of SNL's most predictable aspects. I smiled at his impersonation of Fred Armisen's Nicholas Fehn character though.

Beyonce video shoot.
From the line "We're warmed up like biscuits," I was sold. This sketch was pretty much perfect from start to finish and had the biggest laughs of the episode. It even had a funny ending. Justin Timberlake earned his keep, and Bobby Moynihan gave his best performance to date. And it wasn't JUST seeing guys dancing around in leotards; there was actually some good lines and delivery too. Even Beyonce had some good moments. Was the woman with the slate one of the new featured players or just a random extra?

Having Will Forte repeat the word "don't" through a megaphone until people get annoyed doesn't seem like a great way to make people laugh.

Musical Guest.
I assume Beyonce was just performing to a lip-synched chorus and was singing the rest?
Those outfits sure were something.

Prop 8 commentary.
Could have been a typical "gay joke" sketch but ended up being pretty cute thanks to the fun performances by Paul Rudd and Bill Hader and the almost sincere ending.

A Short Film.
Repetitive words. No No No No. Yes. Yes. Yes. Lots of editing and zooms.
I'm impressed that they convinced someone to film something so pointless.

Nice of the cast members to point at the two new girls who barely appeared on screen the whole episode.


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