Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Night Live May 16th, 2009

Saturday Night Live
May 16th, 2009
Host: Will Ferrell
Musical Guest: Green Day

Cold Open.
Dick Cheney and Will Ferrell are adorable. Watching this sketch felt like putting on an old warn in sweater.

First time I've ever heard the phrase "Goofbag."
"Please, no laughter" best set up ever. I'm sure this sort of showboating won't win Will Ferrel any new fans, but I enjoy it.

Wade Blaisengane.
An old commercial, but one that still cracks me up. Nice to see Chris Parnel and Tracey Morgan, even in reruns.

Lawrence Welk show (round 2).
"And by wonderful, I mean interesting."
Still borderline offensive, but moving closer to guilty pleasure.

I might have to watch the MTV Movie Awards this year!

Celebrity Jeopardy
When I saw that Tom Hanks was doing a guest appearance, I declared this to be quite the episode for SNL nostalgia. Sure he was there because he's hyping a big summer movie, but he was silly in that old Tom Hanks hosting SNL way (it's been too long!). He even said "sibilance" into a microphone! But holy crap Norm MacDonald showed it up, and it just tipped the scales. For an SNLphile like myself, it's a pleasure to see current stars like Kristen Wiig playing with the old guard. And this installment of Jeopardy had as many brilliant gags as ever.

Sidenote: Next season, I'd love to see Tom Hanks host, and have lots of cameos from Jon Lovitz.

Off topic: I never thought I'd see a Sleestak in a commercial for Subway.

Football commentary.
I loved this sketch! Charles Barkley laughing at 'Mark' dancing in the lower half of the screen was genius, and it just kept getting better. "It's just playfulness!"

Green Day.
Aged like fine wine. But who were the extra guys playing with the trio?

Weekend Update.
Not sure if Amy Poehler has been gone long enough to get that nostalgic, but it's always great to see her back and add to the fan service. To that end: Hey! It's Harry Carey!
Aww, hugs at the end.

Funeral speakers.
Talent show format with lots of silliness. Fred Armisen was my favorite of the batch. I love Maya Rudolph, but her cameo felt a bit forced by this point in the episode.

Vietnam song.
It's sketches like this that remind you that SNL really is the only true variety show on TV.
Was it THAT funny? No, but it was different, and I enjoyed the heck of it. Too many cameos to list, but Artie Lang and Bobby Moynihan together is like worlds colliding.
The music number was so over the top, you'd think this was the last episode of SNL ever!
It wouldn't have been a bad way to go out. The sketch even had an ending!

A great finale, that left we wanting more.


dmarks said...

What happened in the Subway sleestak commercial?

Ed South said...

Did you notice also on Norm MacDonald's Jeopardy podium his name was "Turd Ferguson" - another classic reference. So nice!

dave roman said...

I totally missed the Turd Ferguson reference! Good eye!

The Sleestack was just trying to order a sandwich by sssing.