Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Night Live May 9th, 2009

Saturday Night Live
April 9, 2009
Host: Justin Timberlake
Musical Guest: Ciara

Cold Open: Geitner’s Stress Test on the Banks.
Mildly amusing, but never really took off and petered out at the end.

One of the better monologue song-and-dance numbers. I give Justin credit for sitting on that dude's lap and for giving shout outs to all the other hosts these past years. Classy.

Commercial: Mom celebrity translator.
Totally need one. Wherever mom product are sold.

Target Lady.
Felt a bit phoned in. But, nice use of the classic cartoon speed-away visual gag (wind blowing, etc.).

A little self-serving and self-congratulatory, and yet I can't deny I laughed a few times.
Where DID sexy go before his grandson brought it back? I liked Andy Samberg's set up for the digital short.

Digital Short: Dick In A Box follow up.
Motherlover. Lightening strikes twice? The Lonely Island keeps pumping out the hits for Justin Timberlake. By the time I make this post I'm sure Motherlover will be all over the internet.

Take it on down to Plasticville.
Will Forte was just dead weight in this sketch; not exactly the straight man or a funny contrast to Timberlake.

Introduced by Justin Timberlake's girlfriend?
Straight up now tell me that this didn't feel like a Janet Jackson and/or Paul Abdul and/or Madonna dance number from the 90s?

Weekend Update.
Patterson and Spitzer are a good comedy team!
It seems in bad taste for the new Star Trek cast to make fun of the old show's fanbase the weekend the new movie opens. I know there's a long history of making fun of Trekkies, but I thought they came across as even more condescending and sincerely dismissive than intended.

Barry and Robin Gibbs show.
Jimmy Fallon returns. I shrug my shoulders. I guess they tried their best?

Pirates vs. Pirates.
Loved Fred Armisen's parrot ventriloquism and Kristen Wiig taking out the tourists.


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