Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Night Live November 21st, 2009

Saturday Night Live
November 21th, 2009
Host: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Musical Guest: Dave Matthews Band

I missed the first half of the episode. Hope they upload the What Up With That sketch soon!

Weekend Update.
Seemed really short this week. Al Gore seemed even dryer than usual and certainly not very funny.

Thanksgiving Family.
Painful and confusing. I liked it better when they did it the first time (10 years ago?):

Woman to Woman.
Fred Armisen as a sexist jerk filling in on an advice show for women.
It mostly worked for me, even though it didn’t actually make me laugh.

Dave Matthews Band.
I kind of tuned out. But my wife commented that Dave Matthews still looks exactly the same as he did when he first started out.

Say Anything.
This felt like a Dane Cook stand-up routine turned into a sketch.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt needs to calm down before he turns into Mickey Dolenz.

I wish I cold watch that other Will Ferrell dinner sketch where he keeps tossing his plate and says "F$^K this, I'M LEAVING!"


Karen said...

Too late ... he's passed "Mickey Dolenz" and gone all the way to "Donald O'Connor" ... as he demonstrated in the opening monologue's performance of "Make 'Em Laugh". When did he get an accent? I don't remember that from "Third Rock from the Sun" at all ...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the opening of Obama and the Chinese president/interpreter:

"Why are you TRYING TO DO SEX TO ME!?!?".

The Palin 2012 parody trailer was super lame, in my opinion.

"Secret Word" was pretty weak: I think you are right about Kristin Wigg losing her touch.

I found the digital short with Keanan Thompson as Reba more disturbing then funny: as usual with digital shorts.

I enjoyed Al Gore and his plan to "act crazy" to save the environment. It wasn't uproarious funny, but a passive agressive Al Gore taping toy guns to trees he planted overnight and complaining about being called once a year to talk about Green Week made me smile. "I'm like Punxsutawney Phil, but you know what it means when I see my shadow? It means the Earth is dying": possibly made funnier by the fact that I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where we still have no snow and last week it was 60F.

I loved the "Say Anything" sketch, especially the finale of, "Hey! Genesis is back together!". I've always wondered about the rest of the world in these types of situations in movies.

There was a lot of recycling in this episode, with things like "The Mellow Show", "What Up With That?" and "The Thanksgiving Family" ... which I frankly didn't enjoy that much the first time around.

Karen said...

I agree that the Will Ferrel/Ana Gastyer skit where all you can hear is the scraping of cutlery on plates was much superior to this one:

"I drive a Dodge Stratus!"