Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Night Live November 7th, 2009

Saturday Night Live
November 7th, 2009
Host: Taylor Swift
Musical Guest: Taylor Swift

Cold Open.
Moderately funny jab at Fox News. Kristen Wiig’s Greta Van Susteren impression was perfect, but Jason Sudeikis’ Glenn Beck felt a bit light after Jon Stewarts extended riff on him earlier this week. Ironic since, Stewart’s definitely not known for impersonations.

I found this painful. Especially every time her voice cracked. Taylor Swift is no Laurie Berkner.

Commercial Parody: Swine Fever.
Even though I didn’t think much of the bit, I found Bobby Moynihan a bit more appealing than usual for some reason.

The View.
Jenny Slate stepping into the role of Barbara Walters (formerly played by Michaela Watkins) did a pretty good job. The mannerisms are perfect, but the voice seems too high pitch.
I feel guilty that every word Fred Armisen says as Joy Behar still makes me smile after all this time.

Digital Short.
Weak Twilight parody that seemed straight out of Cracked magazine.

Hollywood Dish.
Not really a funny enough idea to sustain a whole sketch. And what a twist ending!

This sketch made me fear the episode was intentionally written to appeal to the Disney Channel audience.

Taylor Swift.
I hate this song partially because I don’t hate it as much as my teenage self would want me to. It’s obvious and cheesy but a bit too catchy to be completely evil. Sigh.

Weekend Update.
I give them credit for not bringing Nicholas Fehn back till at least the 5th episode of the season. If any SNL character should get a movie—it’s this one! Just to see Fred Armisen rise to the challenge. I, too, am glad they banned Claymation in the 70’s.
Abby Elliot was pitch perfect as Sarah McLaclan talking about molested dogs.
Happiness every time Amy Poehler pops in.

Penelope at a wedding.
Still one of Kristen Wiig’s most consistently funny characters. This installment had quite a few laughs.

Scared Straight.
They’ve done this bit one too many times. And Taylor Swift added absolutely nothing.

There was something really old-timey, classic SNL about this sketch, without being funny to me.

Taylor Swift.
Her voice alternates between good and excruciating, like playing around with the knobs on a radio.

Bunny Business Soundtrack.
Decent excuse for hit-and-miss celebrity impressions.
Winner: Kristen Wiig as Natalie Merchant.


rosepalace said...

u know im getting tired of people talking bad about taylor swift, i bet u cant do any better, and u should really keep those things to ur self cause if u were her i dnt think u would want anybody sayin anything bad to u about it.

Sarah said...

taylor swift has a lot of talent and people like you are just jealous. she was nervous. you would be nervous too. so go get some tremendously long pliers and pull that bug out of you ass