Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SNL Christmas: good news/bad news

So I WOULD HAVE been very excited about the upcoming SNL Christmas Special, since it combines two of my favorite things: SNL & Christmas specials...but then I heard it's going to be hosted by my LEAST FAVORITE SNL character: Gilly.


I think Kristen Wiig is one of the most talented people on SNL, but I can't express how much I HATE Gilly! And not just because teh sketches have a lot of Will Forte. The character itself makes me nauseous and the inane repetition of it makes me crazy.
Even the Target lady would have been a better host. And it would make for easy corporate sponsorship!
I guess I'll just have to record it and fast forward through the Gilly intros.

I'm mostly hoping the new special will include all of the Horatio Sanz Christmas songs and any stuff that isn't already on the SNL Christmas collection DVD.

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Karen said...

I hate Gilly, too ... the Target lady would have been an awesome idea! They could have even brought back that "Simmer Down Nah!" Cheri O'Teri character as a cameo. :)