Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Night Live January 30th, 2010

Saturday Night Live
January 30th 2009
Host: Jon Hamm
Musical Guest: Michael Buble.

Cold Open: State of the Union.
Not too many actual jokes or insight. Just a lot of cuts to audience from the actual event with one random shot of Brendan Fraser thrown in for good measure.

The idea of putting the bleak character from Mad Men into other shows was probably a bit funnier in concept than execution.

Don’t Make Me Sing.
It feels like the SNL writers just sit around brainstorming catch phrases to run into the ground. If the sketch was 1 minutelong, it might have been JUST okay. But instead they just dragged it out, with the only redeeming element being the dancing cats on the balcony.

Digital Short: Sergio.
The final image was strangely satisfying.

(Is Ashton Kutcher hosting SNL to promote his Coolpix commercials?)

Democrats meet Scott Brown.
Mostly an eye-roller, but I give them credit for not having the Barney Frank fantasy be the final twist.

Musical Guest: Michael Bublé.

Weekend Update.
Bobby Moynihan returns as Snookie from the Jersey Shore with even more red face paint.

ESPN: Greg the Alien co-host.
Only Bill Hader can pull off the freaky alien stuff. The other guys just looked stiff.

Hamm & Bublé.
A silly idea pulled off purely on the conviction of the performers.

Commercial Parody: Zip-do Closet Organizer.
It’s no Bathroom Monkey. Kind of a weak commercial (usually I love them).

Courtroom Stenographer.
“I can’t find my crackers” is an even more annoying catch phrase than “Don’t make me sing.” Don’t go printing up any T-shirts, just yet.

Musical Guest: Michael Bublé.
Cute performance, boring song. I’d rather just see more Sharon Jones. She’s great!

Two Guys in a Bar.
Has SNL ever done a follow up to one of the commercials in one of the sketches before?
That was sort of interesting, for SNL…very much in the sprit of Mr. Show and the Upright Citizens Brigade TV show.

Barnes & Noble.
Actually pretty funny! Although maybe less so if you don’t live in NYC?
God bless Barnes and Noble’s free bathrooms!

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Karen said...

I enjoyed Hamm and Buble more than John Hamm's john ham from his previous appearance ... maybe because my best friend has a big crush on Michael Buble.

The courtroom stenographer sort of made me laugh.

I think Kristin Wigg ruins any sketch.