Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Night Live February 28th, 2010

Saturday Night Live
February 27th, 2009
Host: Jennifer Lopez
Musical Guest: Jennifer Lopez

I was caught off guard, not expecting a new episode till after the Olympics. But here’s what I did catch. I’ll watch the rest on DVR later.

Romance Commentary 2
Second time out, I was ready to write off this reoccurring sketch as semi-stupid, semi-guilty pleasure. But Kenan found new ways to really sell it, and kept it from being a total repeat of last time. I found myself laughing several times, so I guess I’m a fan. I even liked Jennifer Lopez as the weird ventriloquist.

Smashmouth in the Closet.
Totally ridiculous in the best possible way. Surprisingly pitch perfect. I’ll never hear those songs the same way again.

Custom Car Horns.
I’m still not sure what nationality this racial stereotype is supposed to be. I guess Puerto Rican, because of the Jennifer Lopez connection? The car horns are a bit funnier than the doorbells but still not as genius as Scarlett Johanson in the chandelier sketch.

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