Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Night Live September 26th, 2010

Saturday Night Live
September 22nd, 2010
Host: Amy Poehler
Musical Guest: Katy Perry.

Cold Open.
Kristen Wiig as Christine O’Donnell. I was worried this sketch wouldn’t have an ending beyond the Live From NY callout, but luckily there were cables attached for a cheesy but satisfying visual gag of her flying off on a broom.

I’m surprised Nasim Pedrad didn’t get bumped up to a full cast member with Bobby Moynihan and Abby Elliott. I guess you have to be on for longer than a year before you get a promotion?

I’ve always been a fan of these types of openings, ever since Tom Hanks passed out and dreamt of Abe Lincoln. Justin Timberlake is totally SNL’s new Steve Martin. Yay, Dratch Bear! Yay, ex-SNL cast that still works in the building!

Boo! No commercial parody. There should always be a commercial parody after the monologue. I’m stubborn.

Bronx Beat.
I enjoy these characters more now then when Amy and Maya Rudolf were on the show. I wonder how much the four new cast members appreciate all the cameos from old cast members.

COMMERCIAL PARODY: Bosley Hair Restoration.
Disturbing but brilliant.

Maternity Matters.
This was basically the same sketch as “Woman to Woman” from November 2009. Only now it features photos of Vanessa Bayer in the intro. It’s actually not a bad premise so I don’t them bringing back once more. Not sure it’s worth doing a third time though.

Gay Wedding/Mosque at Ground Zero.
Silly but enjoyable.

Half an hour in and Vanessa Bayer has been seen twice but hasn’t spoken. I assume there was a photo of Jay Pharaoh. No sign of the other two new featured players.

Katy Perry.
Everything about the performance felt like it should have been a drag queen act. I’m kinda hoping her fiancée Russell Brand makes a cameo (assuming he’s no longer in jail).

Weekend Update.
Not a bad Will Smith impersonation from Jay Pharaoh, but I hope we get to see some original stuff soon. Gov. Paterson’s cameo should have been a bit funnier, but I still give anyone credit for coming on the show and dueling their impersonator.

Showtime: Women with secrets.
Enjoyed this for the Amy Poehler interview segments. What? How? Her? Yes! “I always thought the best titles mean two things.”

Another new cast member got to play the straight man/doctor….but not memorable enough for me to go and check which guy he was.

Digital Short: Boogerman.
At first I assumed this was some homage to Howard Stern’s Fartman. But it was just lame completely on its own merits.

Little hats at Chez Henri.
I liked it. Kristen Wiig eating out of defeated frustration was great. Hope Vanessa Bayer doesn’t end up the new Casey Wilson playing the “other friend” in these types of sketches.

Actor II Actor.
I appreciate how short this was. Except having to sit through more commercials immediately after.

The Expendables Spinoffs.
Best gag: “From Fast Car Tracy Chapman.”You could tell the audience was really happy to see Hooch. I was too.

No real stand out sketches, but far from a bad episode. Fingers crossed this will be a decent season! Hopefully more chances for the new performers next week when the cameos shouldn’t be so frequent.

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