Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Night Live October 4th, 2008

Saturday Night Live October 18th, 2008
Host: Josh Brolin
Musical Guest: Adele

Even when their "surprise events" are highly publicized beforehand, SNL still manages to live up to the anticipation. It's been exciting to see the show become so relevant again not only in pop culture, but the world at large. I guess the trade-off for Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin is they get to plug 30 Rock, which will hopefully benefit from all the exposure (since Emmys don't seem to help ratings).

When all eyes are on SNL, why do they always choose to do more McGruber sketches?
I spend too much time wondering how long ago McGuyver was even on TV.

Easily Excited Woman.
More solid character acting from Kristen Wiig. The sketch wasn't as funny as I wanted it to be, but it certainly made me laugh, so it's hard to complain.

Suze Orman show.
I actually learned about Suze Orman through Kristen Wiig's impersonation last year. So now whenever I see her on TV (which, as they accurately mentioned, is ALL THE TIME) I laugh and have a hard time believe she's a real person.

Mark Walberg redeems himself.
After his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel this week, I hoped that Mark Walberg was setting up a joke appearance on SNL. It was either that or the guy had no sense of humor at all. I was glad to be proven wrong. Another great cameo and I'm glad they mentioned Josh Brolin was in Goonies. Because any Goonies reference is a good one.

I'm No Angel.
Josh Brolin with a mustache looking into the camera and saying "perfect" = my new favorite thing ever.

Musical Guest: Adele.
I guess it really is a trend right now for female singers to sound like they are from the 1920s. With husky, sultry singing of non-memorable songs. Between Duffy, Lily Allen, and whoever sang the song in the Chevy commercial that followed the performance…I have a hard time telling the Amy Whinehouse wannabes apart. Adele's no Tracy Turnblad.

Weekend Update.
I thought they missed a good opportunity to have Sarah Palin play Tina Fey and co-host the beginning of Weekend Update as a nod to the old lineup. But I figured the less Sarah Palin the better...until she came back. It would have made me sad, if not for the excuse to see a pregnant Amy Poehler rap. Holy crap, why are SNL cast members (and Natalie Portman) gangsta rapping on SNL always so good? This thing is going to be all over the internets, for sure.

The first time Will Forte played Tim Calhoun I thought it was a slow build but eventually funny (I still laugh when I think of his Chinababy). That said, I would happily sign a petition to make sure he never shows up ever again. Jean K. Jean is Kenan Thompson's most high concept character and it never ceases to amaze me. Just thinking of Kenan reading up on French culture to write the material cracks me up.

I don't even know what to think about this sketch. Some sketches tend to get funnier to me after I digest them for a while, but I'm not so sure this one ever will.

Narc School.
Great idea. Even if 21 Jump Street is as old as McGuyver. Nice of Darrel Hammond to make a single appearance this episode.

Timely satire of stock trading commercials. I like how they whispered "sell drugs."

Interesting and well-filmed set up for a pointless musical performance by Fred Armisen. I would have rather seen "Sciencefinger."

Fall Foliage.
Sure were a lot of sketches about businessmen in this episode. Wasn't sure if this sketch was going to save itself from its one-note, but Kenan's "Oh he was nice about it" was another one of the best-delivered lines of the evening.

Closing thought
I'm surprised the SNL site didn't have some official clips up IMMEDIATELY afterwards considering the Sarah Pain stuff is probably already viral the minute it aired.

EDIT: Looks like as of Sunday 1L09 AM it's on some of the political sites:

-there was a great response in the comment section:

Sardonica says:
"Oh my god - that weekend update sketch is unbelieveable. The VP candidate for the REPUBLICAN PARTY was sitting and nodding her head to a pregnant Amy Poehler rapping in front of eskimos and shooting at a guy in a moose costume. I am glad I did not watch this while high."



sean said...

"Fartface" reminded me of Monty Python. Absurd conversation among mature looking adults that resembled more of a third grade playground argument. I thought it was very well written. Will? The McGruber actor, looked like he was going to have a heart attack.

dave roman said...

Good point, Sean. I think it's a fair comparison to Monty Python. And yes, Will Forte is good at getting red in the face.

Sandra said...

"Fartface" was a little bit funny..I think what smidge of funniness it had was owed to Will Forte.

I was also amused by Amy's rap during Weekend Update. She's pretty damn good. "All the plumbahs in the house--pull your pants up!" HA. But for some reason, I found Jason Sudekis dressed up like Todd Palin even funnier than Amy's rap.

However, the #1 best bit of the show was that ad for "I'm No Angel" perfume. LOVED IT! I can't fathom why NBC didn't post it. It was hi-flippin-larious

dave roman said...

"I found Jason Sudekis dressed up like Todd Palin even funnier than Amy's rap."

My wife said the same thing!