Thursday, October 16, 2008

SNL Weekend Update Thursday October 9th, 2008

October 16th, 2008

Opening Debate Sketch.
It's a little strange that Chris Parnel came back again to play a different presidential debate moderator. I worried for a second that they were repeating the same sketch from last week. I very much enjoyed the business about the notorious Joe the Plumber being John McCain's imaginary friend. It was just the right amount of silly and timely.

Weekend Update part 1.
Weekend Update felt consistently stronger than it has in the past few weeks. We liked it!
Especially the video games vs. MRI gag, and the bit about pumpkin racing.
The highlight of course was Kristen Wiig as the crazy woman from the McCain rally. I hope Obama DOES change the White House to a pyramid.

Weekend Update part 2.
So short of a segment, it almost felt pointless. Although, I liked the gag about the follow-up question as to whether or not people would vote for a black president.

I’m glad there's a new episode of the full show this week.


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